Here to make you uncomfortable





What is Bullseye with Jesse Thorn?

A guidebook to the world of culture. An interview show full of insights about where creativity comes from. An NPR show about stuff you actually care about. And also: actually fun.

If you’ve never listened, try the sampler above. It’s got Big Boi and Jeff Bridges and Dolly Parton and a bunch of other folks. Five minutes is all we ask. If you like it, head to iTunes and subscribe, free.

If you’re already a listener: share this sampler! Reblog and tell us and your friends and followers why *you* care about Bullseye. There’s no better time than the present.

One thing you’ll notice, if you listen to enough episodes of Bullseye, is that the subjects of Jesse’s interviews are often sound surprised and/or gradually won over by the fact that he asks unexpected and insightful questions. Jesse does his research, treats everyone he interviews with the utmost respect, and it sounds like he usually has a lot of fun doing it. I may not listen every single week, but am impressed and delighted every time I do. 

Give it a whirl!

I second this, with the addendum that I DO listen every week. Because I am a wonderful person.

(And also because Jesse’s outshots are so sweet and sincere and how are you making me almost cry about a sitcom I maybe saw 5 episodes of as a kid, dammit?)

I wish I had time to listen every week, but I keep my subscription turned on for reasons eloquently stated above. Then: binge listening! And an ever growing list of awesome stuff to check out.

(Sorry for the hijack— I really do think you two did a better job of saying it than I am currently capable of).